Chapter 16 – A Lost Soul

Chapter 16 from The Last Observer selected at random to tickle your fancy….

Alison’s heart was beating fast and loud. She dare not move nor look up. Around her, she was aware of movement and chanting. Inside her head, there was a shadow. She was not alone. There was an indwelling presence inside of her head and it wasn’t a nice feeling. She felt as if she could hear something breathing inside her head. Another existence now seemed to share her consciousness. What had she done?

She lay there prone in front of the altar for what seemed like an eternity; a shared eternity. Then, she felt hands on her shoulders, they pulled her upright, and then she was face-to-face with the man she knew as Zeltan. He looked her in the eyes looking from eye to eye as if checking something before finally smiling. “The seed has taken,” he said. “Come Alison, come with me.” He walked her across the room and she was vaguely aware of many hooded faces peering at her with similar smiles on their faces. They sat her on a chair and told her to wait.

As Alison sat, she could hear another voice talking inside her head. The voice was indistinct as if far away and she could not quite grasp what was being said but the voice kept on talking and talking as if to itself. This would drive her mad, she thought. Then she was again looking into the eyes of Zeltan.

“Relax, don’t fight the Master and all will be well. This is just a passing phase and soon you will feel more normal.” He told her.

“What have I done,” she murmured.

Zeltan laughed and threw back his head. “Alison, you have become as a Goddess. The world and its sleepers are at your disposal. In due course, you will learn how to use this power. In fact, I will show you. We will change everything as the Master wills it. You will see.”

A cold chill ran down Alison’s spine as she listened to Zeltan’s words. She understood deep down inside that somehow she had betrayed herself. Her ego, her desire to be special, it had brought her to this moment and she understood it to have been a ruinous act. She had sold her soul. Tears slowly and silently ran down her cheeks. She had been fooled but it was her that was the fool as she had wanted to believe that she was special and important. How arrogant!

“You will sleep here tonight Alison.” She heard Zeltan saying to her. “The seed will take a few hours to establish itself properly and it is best that you remain here among friends while that happens. In the morning, Sedgwick will give you further instructions. Meanwhile, I must attend to some unfinished business.” He said and was gone.

They then helped her up and walked her through a maze of corridors. They removed her robes and she laid her on a bed. Whoever had walked her there left, switching out the light, and Alison was alone but not alone in the room. The droning voice in her head was compelling her to sleep and sleep she did. Widgets

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