Are You watching?

You look out of your window and you see… well, exactly what you expected to see – the view from your window. But when you are NOT looking, does that view exist?

Actually, it may not.

Quantum physics provides us with the strange idea that when not being observed, reality doesn’t exist. This is why Einstein said that he liked to believe the Moon really was there when he wasn’t watching it.


The act of observing creates reality. You are creating reality as you read or observe this article right now. Look around and create your reality. You are the Observer. It is a very powerful position to be in. Think about it.

Now imagine that your imaginative faculty was so strong and well developed that you could superimpose your imagined reality on top of your observed reality? What would happen? Magic. That’s what would happen. Just as Stanley finds out in The Last Observer, magic is the ability to change reality consciously.

Did you think magic was for kids? Well, think again. If you are an observer then you are also a magician of sorts and if you work hard enough and long enough, you will be able to work magic. But that magic is simply science. Isn’t it?

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