Jesus and Mary

A few days ago, the Bardon group I follow was discussing the fact that there is a website that purports to be written by the returned Christ. The site is simple and contains a number of communications or letters presumably channeled. I haven’t had time to really read everything there yet but I have to say that this material is extremely enlightening and in line with what I see is a general trend or unfoldment of truth. In his first letter, Jesus gives an account of his childhood and his experience of baptism and what he then learned during his 6-weeks in the desert. You have to laugh at his account of how he was as a child and how he reacted against the devout nature of his mother – it seems, well, so normal. But as you read this document and the others, there is a ring of truth in there. Take a look for yourself.


Funnily enough, about a year ago, I came across another website of material written by a lady in Berlin who believes herself to be Jesus’s mother Mary. Again, if you read this material, it seems to be full of truth and by the way, it is very similar in nature to the Jesus letters.

Could it be that Jesus and Mary have returned and are alive again in the World?

I don’t know that anyone can answer that question but I will say this, there does seem to be something going on. There seems to be a thread of enlightenment that in the past, would have been held secretly and jealously for the precious few but it is now being made available to the masses. OK, so its not called ‘occult’ but it is certainly esoteric. Take a look and see what you think.

The two websites discussed above are: – Working with Light and Love – I AM MARIA, HEAVENLY MOTHER AND MOTHER EARTH, THE FEMININE PART OF GOD, BEING HIS GRACE, BEING HIS LOVE, WHO HAS COME TO HELP HER CHILDREN, BEING AS HUMAN AS THEY ARE, BUT WITH ALL THE LOVE OF HEAVEN,TO BRING YOU HIS GRACE, TO BRING YOU THIS LOVE, THAT YOU ONCE KNEW, TO FREE YOU FROM SUFFERING, PAIN AND DARKNESS – HEALING of Body-Mind-Soul, FREEDOM from all Problems, REVOLUTION OF HEARTS – – Letters From Christ. Christ has made it possible for himself to return authentically by preparing an English woman’s mind to receive his messages without distortion. Many channellings are distorted due to the beliefs and prejudices already within the mind of the receiver. To avoid this drawback, Christ first carefully de-programmed the woman’s mind of all dogma and other false beliefs, and then, over 40 years

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