The Last Observer Released Early

Sod’s Law. That’s exactly what it is called.

I go on vacation for 2+ weeks having been assured The Last Observer would be out on August 17th and it actually gets issued early while I am away and have no real internet access. Typical.

So the book is available from a variety of online bookstores etc. in paperback form and from one or two in eBook form. I am guessing by the official release date it will be widely available in both formats.

Meanwhile, it has been gathering some great reviews…. and I mean really great – my thanks to the reviewers. You can read those reviews here at the publishers site.

You can buy the book at the Amazon sites amongst others – here in the USA and here in the UK.

Pass the word along as well please. If you like it please let others know, write a review etc. I am not a well known author and unless I find some support from my friends and family, the book will just die….. it deserves much better than that….

And don’t forget – you can win a copy either by following the instructions here or entering the giveaway.

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