The Dreaded Lurgy

Just about now, we should be headed down the runway of Charles De Gaulle en route for Detroit and later, Orlando. Tomorrow we had planned a morning by the pool before picking up a rental car and heading to Santa Anna Island. Dreams just dreams. Instead, we are sat at home with our 5-year old who is covered in the blisters of Chickenpox but is otherwise fine and, as usual, full of beans. We are all a bit disappointed to say the least but what will be will be.


There was moment yesterday when I still believed this wasn’t chickenpox breaking out in front of our eyes. The hospital doctor soon put paid to that forlorn hope. Then there was the momentary temptation to follow the advice of many of our friends and go anyway. The spots weren’t obvious. But, chickenpox can be a killer to people with low immune systems and unborn babies whose mothers haven’t had it. Then what would we do if things got worse mid-Atlantic? Nope, the trip was off and so I started calling hotels, travel agents, car rentals etc. and trying to unwind the whole thing. So far, all but the hotel at Santa Anna has agreed to refund in full. I am also insured and on Monday morning will start the process of filing the claim.


We are now looking at going on the 16th July albeit for a large fee with the airline (it’s peak period now…). So all will need to be re-booked – except that hotel in Santa Anna – if they don’t refund I am damned if I am going to stay there! Hopefully, we will actually make it next time.

Meanwhile, I am afraid for you all it means another 2+ weeks of spamming about my book and stuff…… sorry folks!

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