The Last Observer’s First Chapter

It is short but it sets the scene…..

Chapter 1

A Dead Psychic

There was something remarkable about Michael Kent. His
crystal-clear and deep-set blue eyes, sunken into a pale and
haggard face, seemed to penetrate into the depths of your very
soul. He appeared to be capable of reaching inside of you so that
he could search through your entire contents without first having
had the courtesy to ask. Michael was a well-known psychic in
those parts. Locally famed, and at the same time loathed, for his
apparent ability to help the local constabulary solve unsolvable
crimes. Yet now he was an unsolvable crime himself.

Kent had been found dead just outside of his favorite pub, the
Rose and Crown. The back of his head caved in like a boiled egg,
and the contents of his larger-than-normal skull splattered about
the pavement. No one had seen how he had met this fate and the
local police remained stumped. Even in death, those eyes
glittered like opals as if taking in the entire world and reflecting
it back out again. His untimely death made the front page of the
local papers and had people whispering and gossiping for a few
days. Who had killed Michael Kent and why?

Edward sat reading the account of Michael’s death in an old
copy of that paper in a dimly lit and rather damp room of the
local library. Kent’s face stared out from the page and Edward felt
a strange sensation as if those eyes examined, and yes, even
judged him. For Edward, this strange and unsolved crime was
not an isolated incident but one of tens, or perhaps even
hundreds of similar murders that he had stumbled on almost by
accident. Psychics, it seemed, were dying in their droves and they
were dying strangely.

Edward leaned back in his creaky wooden chair and,
suddenly feeling as if his balance had been lost, he pushed
himself forward abruptly, attracting the disapproving looks of
his fellow library occupants. He went back over recent events
trying to convince himself that there surely couldn’t be anything
to this wave of psychic killings. However, something deep inside
told him there was.

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