My Ever Increasing Waistline

I have never exactly been slim – well, not since I was in my teens anyway. I always carried a little weight but being tall, it wasn’t obvious. Then, about a year ago, the weight started slowly to creep on. I can’t say I changed my lifestyle much. I’m not sporty but I am reasonably active. Disaster though has finally struck. You see I quit smoking a few months ago and now I am overweight. My belly has an overhang for the first time in my life and I am thinking about shopping for a bra.

To be honest, I simply don’t get it. How could my reality have changed so negatively so fast? What did I do wrong?


I do like my food particularly sweet stuff that is true but I have cut back. I have started trying to be a bit more active as well but it seems to make no difference. Right now if I see food, my belly grows. It reminds me a bit of the joke about being on a sea food diet. I sea food and I eat it!

Even worse, in three weeks time we are flying to Florida for a two-week vacation. On the one hand, my new fatness probably won’t stick out like a sore thumb over there among the rest of the obese but on the other – the food! the portion sizes, the lazy inactivity! I am doomed, doomed I tell you.

I am about to start some new visualization techniques in which I am fit, active, tanned and have a manly figure. I’ll keep you posted.

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