Myth Making

I am no conspiracy theorist. I think that what things seem to be are mostly how they are. In my experience, if something can be cocked up and, humans are involved, then it will be thoroughly cocked up. In other words, people that see deliberate acts of conspiracy are often really seeing cock ups with no intention or pattern behind them. That’s my view anyway.

People who follow conspiracy theories begin to create a reality in which everything is a conspiracy. They believe, they see and they make it so in their created world.

So it is with certain other topics. I no longer pay much attention to the news because, as I said yesterday, media is stupid, manipulated or both. Everyone has an agenda and the aim of that agenda is to keep you fixated on the outer world, to keep you afraid and seeking others to protect you from your fears (i.e. giving them permission to enslave you). You see this in the fact that the media peddles out horror stories. This is bad for you, that gives you cancer, the end of the world as we know it is nigh. Let’s cut to the chase – this is largely crap. This is what I call ‘myth making’. We cobble together some half truth, take it out of context and publish it. Even better if a celebrity endorses it too. But it is still myth.


Some of these myths become money making machines for those that propagate them. Look at the myth that human created CO2 is causing global warming. This topic makes a mint for those that propagate it and the ‘scientists’ who purport to research it. It has got to the point where if you try to point out its a myth, people shoot you down in flames and try to ruin your reputation as a scientist. It is more than peer pressure. There is no room for dissent here. The myth is helping people create their reality and they don’t want their reality changed. Vice President Al. Bore (not a typo) is to me a great example. He has become mega rich promoting his myth. He has a mass of swooning followers who won’t accept any other view and yet Bore flies all around in a jet spewing the very stuff he reckons is a threat to our existence on this planet. Mr. Bore is hypocrite but he doesn’t care because he has a nice fat bank balance.


I think to avoid falling into the myth makers trap we all need to look for the balance. We need to reconcile the opposite points of views and seek the balance point. If there is truth, that is where we will find it. The best way to do this is not just to research and think about things but to meditate on them and consult the inner self. That’s where you will find answers and the truth. If we all did this, then the power we grant the myth makers to rule over us would disseminate and reality would change. The myths would become apparent to everyone. Perhaps, we would then suddenly find true freedom too.

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