I think the media is finished. Either that or the majority of my fellow humans are stupid. I will go with the former while secretly suspecting the latter. The media really is a joke. They invent stories. They see stories where any normal thinking person would not. Let me explain.

It’s the digital age. Any number of movies about spies and spying have people followed via their cell phone, tracked by their email and so on. Everyone knows that spies and spying agencies (and the Government’s that pay for these services) collect information. Hollywood figured out how that might be done in the digital age too. So why is anyone surprised that Government collects data? Is it the sheer volume of the data? Surely, nothing has changed. There is more data created by people and therefore more data to collect. Spies and spying agencies are data collectors. That is what they do and have always done. Who knows if and when it might be useful but if its created by someone we should collect it seems to be the mindset. Is this invasion of privacy? Maybe but why do people kid themselves anything they do on the internet is or should be private? Same goes for phones. Now, if they placed a camera in my toilet or bedroom, I’d say my privacy had been invaded but tracking what calls I made – who cares!

The story here isn’t that they do this. If they didn’t it would be THE story of the century. It isn’t invasion of privacy either. The story here is misuse and abuse of the information that they collect. That’s the story…..

Just who do the media think they are kidding with their nonsense anyway? Everyday, I see what have to be made up stories about Hull City too. These stories are pointless, thoughtless and stupid. So why write them? And if stories like that are written about a Football club – what other crap are they writing everyday? Especially for those ‘sports writers’ in Britain, let me make just a few things quite clear if you hadn’t been able to discern them yourselves;

1. Steve Bruce has been on vacation until last weekend – sitting on a beach somewhere. He therefore was not interviewing with another Championship Football club nor was he chasing any players to sign;
2. Hull’s owners have said they will not make the same mistake twice and put the future of the club at risk with high salaries or transfer fees…. so why print stories having Hull buying 9m GBP players? Who believes that?

I could go on but I won’t bore you. The fact is the media is either stupid or it thinks we are…..


I no longer read newspapers nor watch news on TV. Its utter bullshit designed for mass consumption by the stupid and manipulated and the real news never gets reported anyway…..

So who am I more worried about? Governments collecting data about me or the media for not doing their job. Easy. The media for not doing their job.

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