A Non-Smoker

Almost immediately I stood upright getting out of bed this morning, I started to cough. The coughing is usually followed by a dash to the Lav as gravity seems to really play a role in my mornings. I don’t cough as much as I used to though because…. (drum roll)… I QUIT smoking two months ago. Yep, the last bought of pneumonia was the last straw. I quit the bloody things.


One tip to help us quit smoking is to calculate our savings. Actually, living in the Czech Republic, this isn’t too effective. Cigs are relatively cheap but nicorette patches are priced beyond the reach of the average earner. The net result was, that by my calculation, quitting smoking cost me about 200USD. Never mind, I have now quit the nicorette too so I’m surely going to profit financially soon….

The real downside has been the 6 additional kilos I put on. Wow – I look like a beached whale. How did this happen? I haven’t changed my eating habits… I guess my metabolism has just slowed down. At least my weight is now stable!


So, the next ‘to-do’ for me is to lose weight. Not just the 6kg but I think I will go for 20kg. Fit and healthy at that weight. I started already. Last night, I had my haircut for the first time in 4-months. That was a few grams less right there.

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