Sometimes, in a meditative state, I have some impressions about imagination. I can barely explain in words what these are except to say that I get the strongest idea that if I could truly imagine something as really there, it would be and that this is how everything works. What is even stranger is that I often have a memory of being very young and being able to do this.


I haven’t explained very well. I can’t. It is very frustrating though because it is a knowledge and a memory and then it’s gone again. It’s leaving is tinged with the sadness of knowing that I knew this/know this/can do this/did do this but have now forgotten how. I have also experienced this same sense of loss on waking up in the morning or during the night. It is a sense of loss. A strong sense of loss. It almost feels as if I am somewhere else – somewhere real – and then I have to fall back here and I am sad about it.

Very strange – anyone else ever feel this way?

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