Magic and Science

A common theme of mine on this blog is the nature of reality and how Gnostics and occultists knew this long before modern scientists created their glorified Theories of everything. In fact, those very same scientists are only hinting at what is already known and has been through milenia. In fact, it takes others like Anthony Peake, for example, to take that science and analyze it in a holistic manner to start to draw some startling hypotheses. The fact that anthony has found some modicum of support for his work among mystics and magicians should be no surprise for he is simply rediscovering things that, for a few, where already well known.

Take a read of Eliphas Levi for example.

There exists a force in nature which is far more powerful than steam, by means of which a single man who can master it and knows how to direct it, might throw the world into confusion and transform its face. It is diffused throughout infinity: it is the substance of heaven and earth, for it is either fixed or volatile according to the degrees of its polarization. The agent is precisely what the medieval adepts called the First Matter of the Great work. When it produces radiance it is called light. It is substance an motion at one and the same time: it is a fluid and a perpetual vibration. The will of intelligent beings acts directly upon this light, and by means thereof, upon all nature, which is made subject to the modifications of intelligence.”

As Paul Foster case wrote “Men of science laughed at him in 1886. Today their grandchildren paraphrase his doctrine but ignore his genius.”

Actually, I think Mr. Case stated things even more directly than Levi… “Every man lives in a world of his own creation, built in accordance with his own imagined mental pattern. Change the pattern and you change the world,” and “it is the Being of all that you are, the Thinker of all that you think, the actor in all that you do.”

There is just One Thing. That One Thing can be described using many words but they are insufficient to describe the One Thing. It has been called light, love and many other terms but the One Thing describes it most aptly in my opinion. The funny thing about the One Thing is that it has always been described as a form of vibrational energy. e.g. The Word, the Logos, the Light. You see, sound and light are both forms of the One Thing operating at a different vibratory level. That One Thing is also known as matter to the observing consciousness but as quantum physics seems to tell us, energy and matter are both the same ONE thing. Perhaps the only difference is that a conscious observer can collapse the waveform into a particle. Everything is energy. All is the One Thing.

Here is the big difference though. While science continues to burrow deeper and deeper into the externality of the One Thing (either in seeking to break things down into more and more constituent particles or explore the nature of space), the occultist has understood that the outside is on the inside and the real field of study is oneself. The mind. The One Mind.

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