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After finishing Inner Journeys: Explorations of the Soul (Thoth, 2005), I became obsessed with the hexagram as a symbol. My meditations were focused on it and whatever I read seemed to resonate with it – including books like Comte de Gabalis. For 5-years I continued thinking about, meditating on and exploring the hexagram and its relationship to the elements, the tarot, the tree of life, to alchemy and to astrology. Periodically, I sat and wrote. But for some reason, I could not finish the book. Whatever I wrote, it seemed not to capture adequately the mysteries of the symbol and it seemed the book would never be finished.

Initially, I sought information from other books that would back up what was coming through about the hexagram. In the end though, I gave this up. Much of what i found was the same material recycled over and over again and never really penetrating its true mysteries. In the end, I decided to rely on my own thinking; the information that was coming through via meditation and the odd eureka moment when puzzling over diagram after diagram that I drew of this shape. It truly was an obsession. Then, in 2010, I asked SC Vincent if she would help me with some diagrams and illustrations, test some exercises and edit it for me. She became the catalyst that I needed to finally complete the book as she wrote chapters and helped shape what would finally become The Mystical Hexagram: The Seven Inner Stars of Power (Datura, 2012).


Around the same time as I was beginning my obsession with the hexagram, I had an idea for a novel. I discussed it one night with my eldest son in a pub in London. He thought it was a great story and told me I should write it. I ended up writing 2-pages and left it on my PC as a small Word file. When the Mystical Hexagram was published I thought about that novel idea again and just before Christmas I opened that Word file and re-read what I had written. Four weeks later, I had completed my first novel. It wrote itself as they say and even I was surprised at how it ended! The Last Observer hopefully will be published also in 2012. The question is why did one book take 5-years to write and the other 3-weeks? Guess I will never know.


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