There Is Nothing New in the World

Except maybe self deception! (no – that is not new either).

Today there is an explosion of articles about the mental nature of the Universe. Here is one example. I am glad. But lest these quantum physicists get ahead of themselves lets face some facts….

Man has known this for millenia. The knowledge was passed on or obtained through meditation and other such techniques but kept quiet. In a sense, it was suppressed by those who knew because of persecution or the lack of readiness of others to accept it. It was hidden. It became arcane or occult knowledge and it is therefore one of the foundational tenets of Magick. There is nothing new in the world.

In fact, I will go further. Scientists are not yet even as far along as some of this hidden knowledge – some of which has likely been lost. There is much more to the mental Universe and Man’s location at the very center of it yet to be discovered by scientists. I know that for a certainty.

I read a post by Anthony Peake the other day bemoaning the fact that two scientists had published a book discussing this and that everyone in the community was singing their praises so to speak. Anthony felt (justifiably) upset that when he dared to postulate such theories in his books over the last few years, these very same people were calling him a charlatan because he is not a quantum physicist and …. his evidence came from many other areas of life (philosophy, lucid dreaming, psychiatry, new age, literature etc. – i.e. other equally important but not ‘scientific’ disciplines). While I understand and agree with Anthony’s viewpoint – its a sad commentary on human nature – I can only say it is good that we finally live in an age where someone like Anthony, myself and many, many others can freely postulate such things without losing their lives or being condemned to the madhouse….. as many ‘occultists’ or shall we simply say, Magicians, have over the last several millenia.

Perhaps – to some extent – the time for occult secrecy is over?

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