Tales of Shadow Dwellers

A bumper selection of true scary stories you won’t want to read after the sun goes down—all submitted—all compiled by paranormal expert and bestselling author G. Michael Vasey.

Strange coincidences? Perhaps a slip of reality? Insanity? Perhaps something was wrong with your meal last night? No? No… you have stepped into a new dimension—a dimension in time and space where all things are possible. Visions of the dead, visitations from the shadows, perhaps even a look at the near future.

These are the tales of the shadows—the shadows where all things are possible—and G. Michael Vasey has compiled them for your reading pleasure.

These are the true tales of the shadow world. Are you daring enough to step forward and experience these tales of the dark side? If yes, then step forward and accept this invitation—if no, this book isn’t for you.

(Contains Watched from the Shadows and Shadows & Strangeness)