Shadows & Strangeness

I have issued a couple of new books. First, my latest true paranormal story volume is called Shadows & Strangeness – grab it for a scary read.

Shadows & Strangeness – A Collection of True Ghost Stories, Hauntings and Weirdness

Another new collection of true ghost stories and tales of the paranormal from G. Michael Vasey. Haunted homes, strange places, poltergeist, haunted hotels and much, much more in this new collection. A scary read for nigh time….

I started reading stories and experiences that I had collected looking for that extra special new angle. I realized after a while that what I find spooky are stories in which the protagonist isn’t identifiable. What I mean by that is that the ghost, apparition, entity or whatever, is something that cannot be described. I came to this conclusion after spending several additional hours watching various video channels and their ghosts or paranormal weirdness captured on film offerings. The ones that scared me, left me chilled, were the type where someone is in the dark in the forest and their flashlight accidentally picks up two bright red eyes staring back at them in the darkness. We never find out what those eyes belonged to. In fact, we really don’t want to know……



Then, if you are new to my paranormal writings and want to take a dip and see if you enjoy the stories you can try my new sampler available of Kindle for only 99cents.

Whispers in the Darkness: A Sampler of Scary True Stories

Whispers in the Darkness is a scary sampler of the true paranormal stories collected, edited and written by G. Michael Vasey. It contains stories from many of his hit books like Watched from the Shadows, The My Haunted Life series, The Scary best and so on.

Vasey is a collector of stories and he compiles collections of true paranormal experiences like the My Haunted Life series as well as produces more investigative works utilising true stories as examples like Chilling Tales of the Black Eyed Kids. This book contains a selection across both types of book. It is available only in Kindle format and at the cheapest price in the hope that it will help to bring new readers to his entire collection of books.

Scary stories of ghosts, haunted homes, black-eyed kids and much, much more…

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