Watched from the Shadows

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Watched From the Shadows – an all-new collection of creepy true stories of the paranormal selected and edited by G. Michael Vasey.

Ever had that eerie feeling of being watched? There is no one there – at least nobody you can see anyway – but still, you can feel those ghostly eyes upon you. The watchers in the shadows waiting for their moment to scare you, haunt you, or something even worse. That is the theme for these carefully selected creepy true stories of the paranormal designed to have you wondering if you too are being watched from the shadows. Thirty all new creepy stories designed to chill!

This all-new collection includes stories about the Hatman, black-eyed kids, shadow people, poltergeists, UFOs, the premonitions of a dying man, forest demons, and much much more. All chosen by the master of the paranormal himself – G. Michael Vasey.

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