The Year of the Butterfly

I’ve written a couple of times about seeing Butterflies and even having them land on me. Well, here we are in mid-September and everywhere I go is filled with Butterflies of some shape or description. The flutter across my path as I walk my daughter’s dog or along the side of the road as I drive my car. They are everywhere and I cannot ever recall seeing so many for so much of the year.

For me, a Butterfly represents joy, happiness, transformation. I’m reasonably happy and I have transformed in recent months becoming happy with alone time and living alone but I fear I’m also angry and not joyful. Perhaps the Butterfly is a signal to remind myself to be joyful and to let things be. Anger over what other people think, behave and believe doesn’t do me any good and doesn’t do anything at all to them. Why this angers me I haven’t truly gotten to the bottom of. It’s not a control issue. It’s more a ‘can’t you see the truth when it staring you in the face‘ sort of thing. It’s not my problem really.

Maybe the Butterfly is saying that I should focus on my spiritual world and express the joy that I feel when in nature in my entire life? When in nature, I’m filled with a deep love and awe of what I see around me and I am joyful because of it. It is only when I have to deal with other humans that I become angry and morose.

The answer isn’t to become isolated. I think the answer is to care less about others – their thoughts, actions and interactions. Not to care less about them as people and to allow them to live. To be joyful for them.

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