The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey – Episode 2: Talking Magic and The Initiate with Sue Vincent


In this episode, I continue investigating the idea of ‘connecting with the land’ talking with Sue Vincent, who together with Stuart France, has been doing exactly that in the UK for the last several years and written a series of 8 books detailing their investigations. We discuss some of the locations that got them started that are documented in their book ‘The Initiate’ and consider the nature of Earth energies and indeed magic itself.

About Sue Vincent

I am a Yorkshire born painter and writer, living in the south of England. I paint the strange things that come as images in dreams and fantasies and write about life as it happens.

I was raised in a spiritually eclectic family in a landscape where myths and legends were woven into the stones, and have always had an intimate relationship with the inner worlds and the understanding that all paths are but spokes on a wheel, leading ultimately to the same centre. It is not the path that one walks that matters, but how one chooses to walk it.

I have been a student of the Mysteries for most of my life, studying alone for many years before joining the Servants of the Light. In 2012 I joined Steve Tanham as Director of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness, a modern Mystery School that seeks to strip back many of the layers in which esoteric thought has become shrouded and teach students a way to find the inherent magic in living and being.

The School is not a business and is run simply and ethically to cover its own costs, not make a profit. The Silent Eye website has a blog, news and events section. We hold regular workshops and events and an annual weekend residential workshop in Derbyshire… details on the Silent Eye home page.

As a painter, I play in most media and have painted everything from wedding cakes to huge murals. I spent a long time chasing realism, until I found the confidence to paint what I saw in the colours that sing to me.

As a writer, I have always scribbled. Poetry came first, I think, and I was fortunate enough to win the David Burland International Poetry Prize in 2008. In that year also I began writing a column for The Spirit Guides. It was a busy year, as I was teaching online with various esoteric forums and made the acquaintance of Dr G. Michael Vasey. The friendship grew and we released The Mystical Hexagram, recently republished as an extended and updated edition.

In 2013 a writing partnership was born that has proved a joy. Stuart France, now the third in the triad of Directors of the Silent Eye, and I embarked, all unknowing, on an adventure that would take us across the sacred landscape of Albion and which has resulted in the publication of a number of books together, with more to come. We have an enormous amount of fun in our wanderings and wonderings, which may reflect somewhat in the way we write.

In 2009 my eldest son, Nick, was left for dead, stabbed through the brain in an unprovoked attack. Many of the earlier entries here chart his remarkable and near miraculous journey and the fallout the attack had on the family. An event like this changes everything, including one’s outlook. Luckily, for us it changed it for the better and love and laughter thrive.

Apart from that, I have two adult sons, too many books (or not enough….) and a mad dog who also blogs when I let her near the keyboard…

You can contact me via the form on my contact page, where you will also find the principal social media links.

And yes, that was a lucky shot.


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