A Little Bowie in There?

The Anatomy of LoveI recently read a review of my 2019 album – The Anatomy of Love. It wasn’t the first time someone mentioned Bowie in a passing reference to my music but I have to say, it is a huge honor to ever be likened in any way at all to David Bowie – Rock God. Here is the review…

The Anatomy of Love by G. Michael Vasey is a creative project by the Czech singer-songwriter with an ear for catchy melodies and European influences. Enjoyable tracks such as “Girl On The Phone” and “Free” demonstrate G. Michael Vasey’s unique talent and attention to detail through each song. Explosive guitar riffs and clean production values are prevalent through the entirety of The Anatomy of Love to express emotion and personality all its own. Fans of mod rock acts such as David Bowie can enjoy this eclectic album to enjoy through their headphones or playing loud on their speakers to sing along to……

I have spent some of the evening watching interviews of the great man and listening to his music spanning almost all of my life. I finally saw him live in The woodlands, Texas on his last tour….. something I never managed with my other rock hero – Marc Bolan. Though I had planned to go see T. Rex in 1977, something came up. Months later, he was dead.

Music has always been incredibly important to me. It speaks to me and it leaks from my soul. I recall walking home from school in the 70’s singing a song in my head and suddenly, it became real to me. I now know it was a form of meditation taking me to another level of consciousness but at the time, I adored this ability. It was like having a private performance. Even now, to write poetry, I listen to Steven Wilson’s music and it immediately inspires me to write. My volume of poetry – Moon Whispers – was written in its entirety to Blackfield II – by Blackfield, another Steven Wilson incarnation.

Above all, I find I just have to be constantly creating – words, music, images…. I seem to tap into something deeper – some part of me, some part of reality, some part of the All – and bring something of it out…. my art is important to me as it explores the edges of reality – the edges of me. Bowie still has something in his music – whether from his first album to the last – that echoes from the edges of that reality…..warps it even, breaks it apart and reconstructs it in a way I get.

Here is a poem from Moon Whispers

The Power of A Song

It’s just a song

But it echoes of yesterday.

Memories are triggered

By a simple set of chords.

Images floating on by

Regrets or perhaps simply

Happy cherished memories.

The simple power of a song

Was that a good time?

If only I could go back there

Meet people and go back to places

Now long gone and passed by

Perhaps meaningless at the time

Taken in with that fleeting feeling

Of immortality that only comes

With the arrogance of our youth.


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