Where Are the Reviewers?

I have been working my back catalog of books recently – changing covers and reworking descriptions and so on. It has had some positive results and sales are up! However, in doing this, it struck me – where are the reviews? It seems very few people review my books on Amazon and yet this is soooo important for authors. Rather than build an army of loyal fans like Steph Young, for example, who gets upwards of 70 reviews on her books and has a vibrant FB page despite the fact she posts nothing at all, all I seem to attract for my efforts is the odd mean 1-star review filled with falsities about poor editing and so on (I assume this is a competitor as it always pretty much the same review). Maybe I simply do not know how to build a fan base or readership – maybe I have one and do not know? Anyway, no matter but if you do read and enjoy my books, please please leave a short review on Amazon?

Talking of reviews, I got one recently for my last album – The Anatomy of love.

The Anatomy of Love by G. Michael Vasey is a creative project by the Czech singer-songwriter with an ear for catchy melodies and European influences. Enjoyable tracks such as “Girl On The Phone” and “Free” demonstrate G. Michael Vasey’s unique talent and attention to detail through each song. Explosive guitar riffs and clean production values are prevalent through the entirety of The Anatomy of Love to express emotion and personality all its own. Fans of mod rock acts such as David Bowie can enjoy this eclectic album to enjoy through their headphones or playing loud on their speakers to sing along to.”

It was anonymous but it is a nice review and I thank the person who wrote it.

So, again, if anyone is reading this – please do take just a moment to review my books….


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