Common Sense Anyone?

I read today a beautiful poem about Baba Yaga at a website written by a slavic woman living in the USA. Her website had a sub heading – Fighting the Patriarchy at every opportunity….. A quick glance around the site and it was obvious to me at any rate that contrary to fighting the Patriarchy, she was perpetuating it. Her website would have made Joseph Stalin proud and that isn’t Matriarchy – its left wing ideology – a belief system that if approached with a critical and logical viewpoint would immediately identify itself as rabidly patriarchical. None the less – the poem was very good.

I watch the world with my peculiar viewpoint. I have remarked on many occasions recently that the way my mind works it puts me at odds with the prevailing sentiments pushed by whoever are the powers that be on our planet. I cannot subscribe to any politician or political system – I reject them all. They are all ideologies – mindless mantras designed to hijack our creative mind and bent on having humanity create a bleak reality. Yes – that is my viewpoint and I see evidence of it everywhere. You see, if these mindless mantras can be recited and believed by enough minds, it creates an energized egregore – a thought form – this can take on a life of its own and become a demigod of human creation. It can also be used to control us. Don’t believe in such things? Well, what is a brand? What is a belief system? Think about it.

The tragedy of our times is that humanity is by rights an amazing thing. Capable of great compassion and love. Capable of creative thought, problem solving and common sense. Its history has been one of a struggle to survive against both cataclysms of its own making like war, totalitarianism, and greed as well as a fight to survive Mother Nature’s storms, plagues, earth changes, floods, and droughts. Only in the last couple of generations has the use of fossil fuels created an environment of relative livable conditions for many – warmth, food, clothing and an escape from poverty. And against this luxury, now that we no longer have to fight and scrap to survive, we have the luxury of time to think and ponder and to find value in our lives. Yet this has not happened. Instead, many of us voluntarily subscribe to dogma driven by the media, politicians and social media where we can create echo chambers for those mantras. These mantras and ideologies are many but two of them predominate – the politically correct left who believe that belief is everything and that facts are merely small things that get in the way of belief. It is obsessed with things like gender, climate and so on. The other is on the right where idols like God, Nation, Flag and other ways to subvert individuals under a false narrative rule. These people place importance on ideals that imprison, divide and corrupt. Neither can see beyond their ideology, which blinkers every thought they have driven on by the whips of the media screeching fear to drive us to the precipice of doom.

I’m all for a break down of the Patriarchy. But not for a female version of it. Or a left wing system of suppression of individual rights created by men. I’d like to see a return to the values of common sense and maybe it is me that is deluded but in the Grandmother of the Matriarchy that was, there a plenty of common sense unpolluted by mantras – left or right. I’d like to see people wake up to their true potential and reject the tightening bonds of ideology before it is too late. Reject the duality of left and right and start to think again, solving problems with clarity of mind and without some mindless allegiance to mantras.

This is the age of Aquarius and I am Aquarian. I have always been different and though I have struggled with that at times, I thrive on it now. I reject the duality of dogmas and controls. Have a think…. and hopefully do the same.

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