Strange Book Reviews

I read a lot of very strange books. From those about dowsing and earth energies to those about magical theory and everything in between. A couple of years ago I had an idea. Why not build a site to review the books I read? Strangebookreviews was born. I used it for a while and then things slipped….. but I’m back to adding to the site now and intend to keep it going. A couple of new reviews have been added and I have been busy adding the books I have read this last 18-months or so ready to add reviews. The site has been getting traffic from somewhere even though it was essentially dormant for a year or more.

At the moment, I am working with the designer of the site – Andrew Colby – who I work with on all my websites, to change it up a bit. It’s not that the original concept is being change – just the emphasis. You see, I will allow authors or publishers to pay me to read and review a book if they want but I think that I want the site to better represent that this is MY collection of books primarily and rarely, I only occasionally will I take on the mantle of a professional reviewer and those reviews will be stated as paid for in the review. I also want the books to be more searchable and findable on the site. So the menu will change quite a bit in the next couple of weeks to reflect these changes.

I also want to continue hosting interviews with authors featured on the site and what is now called ‘blogs’ will become a strictly interview focused area. There are interviews already with authors like Ellen Sentier, Alan Richardson and Gordon Strong up already with many more to follow. Eventually if I have the time and inclination, maybe we will podcast interviews as well…..

Anyway take a look! It’s a site in progress and will change over the next few weeks but hopefully it will develop into something. It’s at Strange Book Reviews.


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