‘Socialism’ is to Blame for Populism?

The rise of populism has had me concerned for quite some time but recently, I developed a theory about why populism is working right now. My theory may upset some people as it probably isn’t at all PC but therein lies the problem.

Working class people are interested in their issues – wages, union representation, security of employment, healthcare, pensions and so on…. and rightly so. Traditionally, they ave been represented by left of center parties like Labour and the Democrats and have voted for those parties in return. But, in recent years, something as happened to those left of center parties. Rather than being about bettering the quality of life of working class folk and helping the genuinely dispossessed, these parties have become more and more obsessed with ideology. That ideology is all about battles between the oppressed and oppressors – it as become a constant stream of PC policies around gender, sexuality, climate change, rights for immigrants, and other such topics that most working class people actually either do not support or do not believe it should be the primary focus of the parties supposedly representing them. Working people are not socialist. In fact, they often lean strongly right on issues like immigration and nationality. So, their party not only has deserted them but now promotes causes they feel no affinity for or are actually dead set against! Where are they going to go?

You got it….. populists.

Now, I’m not saying that gender, sexuality, immigration etc. are not topics of importance at all. What I am saying is that these ideological, neo-marxist, policies are not what the ordinary person in the street is truly concerned about – they are concerned about protecting their way of life…… and their party is now the one threatening that very way of life.

Think about it. I think this explains the rise of populism – the left of center parties have been hijacked by ideologues.

It’s only going to get worse. Imagine when the ideologues ban cars, fossil fuels and so on or raise taxes on heating fuels….. the yellow jackets will come onto the streets, their way of life and very prosperity threatened by the ideologues who think they know best. Mark my words, the neo-marxist infiltration of left of center parties will result in a populist push back the like of which hasn’t been seen in a long time…….

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