The Ghost Sex Puzzle

One of the best little books I have written is a book investigating the issue of Sleep Paralysis, The Old Hag and Succubi/Incubi. It’s not a collection of stories but a real investigation of the phenomenon. Funny thing is though, it has never really sold very well. We tried different covers and different titles and all to no avail. Meanwhile, the stories of ghost lovers are all over the media these days with a story recently published about one British woman who is planning to marry her ghost lover!

Well, for the next 24 hours, the kindle version is FREE and I invite you to download it and give it a read…… You can get it here.

To give you a bit of a reason to go get the book, let me reproduce a few short sections below…..

One late evening, I was lying in bed half-asleep and half-awake waiting to go into a deep sleep. I’d been out with some friends drinking and had gotten home and gone straight to bed. It was unusual for me to be half-asleep and half-awake as normally a few drinks assure me of a full night’s sleep. I was drifting off when I felt my wife get into bed next door to me. I heard her switch the light off and turn over. She was obviously interested in me that night so we made love and then I turned over and went straight to sleep.

The following morning, I woke up hungover and she wasn’t there and I remembered that she had been at a conference all weekend.

So, who the hell did I have sex with?

That, is a very good question!


For scientists and materialist, the Old Hag is nothing but an experience that occurs in a mind awake, body asleep state when waking up from sleep. Your mind is awake and so you can see and hear, but your body is still asleep and cannot move – at least momentarily. You are awakening from a dream state and you continue to dream as your mind creates an explanation for the paralysis. In other words, you are awake, but still dreaming and still paralyzed. So, that would mean that the old hag is just a dream or ‘night mare’. OK. So please explain to me how I and others continued to see the old hag long after I awoke? I am not in the habit of waking up from a dream and still seeing the elements of that dream in my waking state – are you? In some quarters, the old hag is a hallucination brought on by the sleep paralysis, but again, I would ask why do I continue then to hallucinate for minutes after regaining normal consciousness? And why, is this phenomenon so widespread?

My hypothesis…

My theory is this. These entities are real. What they actually are, I don’t entirely know, but they do seem to – or some of them appear to anyway, utilize our fear emotion as energy. The entities are not our imagination on steroids upon waking – no. These entities use the sleep paralysis phenomenon. They watch us as we sleep and they wait their moment and then they seize it. They appear as an old monstrous hag sitting upon us or a shadowy figure by the side of our bed and they absorb the fear that they create in us. They are fear vampires from the other side.

I tell you – this book will scare the pants off you……. give it a look.

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