A Word About Climate

If you read CNN or the BBC or even read the hilarious IPCC report recently, you would be forgiven for thinking that the end is nigh. Me, I’m totally sick of this ‘fake news’ trotted out periodically. These days, if something is wrong, climate change is to blame. Every hurricane or storm is because of climate change. Disease is spreading because of it and on and on. Of course, we all know that the science is proven……

Well, the politics is proven and those pushing the agenda of climate change have made up their minds – like the IPCC – which is rapidly becoming a bit of a joke really…. and I will explain why in a few lines. The problem is that science is never settled – by definition, science if the creation of a hypothesis to fit the known facts. Peers are invited to throw stones and break that hypothesis in order to improve upon it. The creator of the hypothesis has to use it to make predictions from it and if those predictions don’t come about, then one must assume the model is flawed. Periodically, a model that has been accepted for decades is completely overturned by a smart scientist and it all starts over again. So, sorry, if you tell me the science is proven you are telling me you do not have a clue about the nature of science. It simply means your politics are proven.

So, lets visit the predictions that the IPCC and others have been making based on the model that human CO2 is to blame shall we? Polar ice caps – still there and NOT melting, Temperatures – not increasing in leaps and bounds. In fact they have been steady for almost two decades now. Polar bears? still going strong. In fact, the predictions made by their model have been not just wrong but off the charts WRONG. Ridiculous even. It’s time for a new model.

If you follow the science as I do, you would know that the model is being revised. I am aware of over 50 papers published this last 6 months by SCIENTISTS qualified to comment who basically say that CO2 is massively overplayed as a factor in climate. The evidence is pointing instead to cloud cover and solar activity. In fact, rather than warming, we may be facing cooling as solar activity has been at a minimum for several years already. Research into numbers and types of weather events show that actually, storms are fewer and less strong than they were in the past…. need I go on?

Finally, let’s look at atmospheric CO2 shall we from a geological point of view. 400ppm is a low amount. It is in fact the second lowest it has EVER been in recorded geologic history. It is more normal to be 1000ppm – and, by the way, temperatures were no warmer.

CO2 is not a pollutant. It is plant food. It is the basis for life on this planet. It is the basis of photosynthesis.

Climate change is not a modern phenomena. The climate changes constantly as do sea levels throughout the Earth’s past. Why? Because we live on a dynamic living planet. And, please, go look at whether ice caps are a normal feature of the planet – they are NOT. They occur only in ice ages – and we are in one. Right now.

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    • Yes, I am quite aware that some glaciers are melting and receding as would be quite normal during an interglacial period… Your point is what? The world isn’t static. Its a living ecosystem and climates have changed, polar ice caps come and gone for the last 2 billion years without any help from us. The fact remains that temperatures have not increased in two decades and the predictions of the so called science (essentially a computer program much like the one that cannot predict your weather forecast) has been not just wrong but so far wrong it is a sick joke – much like the IPCC report.

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