Lonely Strangers

We are strangers coming from distant worlds,

lonely strangers with a past that nearly killed us.

We are strangers with demons behind,

that will follow us forever.

We are shy people with expectations that we hide,

We are humans with longing and imagination.

We are fragile poets drowning in dreaming.

We are superstars letting the world know only the best of us,

We are shining stars wanting to give ourselves completely.

We are angels caring for the others,

We are parents with commitments,

Neglecting our inner child.

We are ghosts with overwhelming pangs of anxiety

That forces us to run.

We are dreamers that got that carried away,

Liking the idea of themselves.

We are lost souls searching for the other half to merge.

We are sad heroes dreaming and fearing that it will never happen.

We are strangers that will meet and fall apart to their own reality.

We are simple souls trapped in the material world,

Trying to find our way out.

We are people with a destiny.

We are the hidden light.

We can shine so bright.

Yet chose to hide in the shadows.

We were destined to meet.

Crossing paths in unexpected ways.

Listening to the Fates cackling in the astral.

As their plan unfolds.

Lonely strangers,


As we unwind,

With one another.

Choosing uncertainty,

As we find our way,

Living day to day.


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