This Is Your Song

A few on my song releases have done quite well…. Talk, Talk for example has had over 2000 Spotify plays while End of the World is now over 1000. However, This is Your Song, the latest release, is doing something I have never seen before. Yet to make 100 plays but…. it has been listened to in 21 different countries in the first week of its release from Mexico and the USA to Chile, Columbia, New Zealand and European countries. This is astounding to me. I’m not even sure how someone in Mexico discovers one of my songs?

I’m rather hoping it builds a group of listeners who perhaps place it in their playlists. For us Indie musicians, getting in a playlist is the motherlode as it guarantees listeners. So, if you use Spotify, please give it a listen and add it to your favorites…..

If you don’t use Spotify, it has a video on Youtube and can be found on itunes, Amazon, Deezer and all other outlets …




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