Musical Declaration of Freedom

It’s been sometime coming. But, finally, I declare myself FREE. In the words of this latest song…

It’s my life, It’s my life, It’s my life and I’m going to live it!

In recent weeks, many things have changed and some very important people have entered my life. The Universe has been kicking my ass!

So, here is my anthem – take a listen…

Plainly, this moment was coming for as I wrote End of the World

It came to me in silence
Came as if in a dream
It was plain to see
Nothing I could do
That’s when I saw you
Eyes met across the room
Now I’m with you

The end of things is coming
It’s all a matter of time
It’s plain to see
Nothing we can do
Eyes will fill with tears
Staring into the gloom
Of this simple tune

End of the world as we knew it
End of the world
As we knew it
End of the world as we knew it
End of the world
As we knew it

I knew that my old world was ending and something new beginning……

It has been reflected in my poetry this last few weeks too.

I went to a dark place and survived, learned and now I’m back…. still learning, still evolving, but no longer looking…

I think (maybe) I found what I was looking for – inside and outside.


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