OK, OK,I get it!!!!

Recently, I wrote about being on the menu. It seems as if I still am.

Over the weeks that have followed, so many strange things have occurred that defy really any logical explanation, that seem to be repeating the same message to me over and over. Yesterday, was quite bizarre and was a day in which I saw a friend connect with a girl in a rapid and strange way. My friend is a younger generation to me, and the girl he/we met, considerable younger – in her early twenties. Her English was not so good, but my friend was able to translate. So, let me repeat – met this girl for the first time at 9pm as a result of an event that took place with my friend and her an hour earlier and yet, within minutes she is telling me things that really took my breath away. Unfortunately, I can’t and won’t discuss the topic in any detail – you are just going to have to trust me that, yet again, strange coincidental meetings led to a sharing of profound truths.

Suddenly, things have begun to click. While the Universe keeps battering me with a consistent message, I guess at first I doubted, then maybe misunderstood and now, I think I am beginning to get it. It is telling me – live in the moment, be spontaneous and open to anything. It is giving me the practical side of the message I have been getting theoretically and through meditation for years – remember row, row, the boat? It’s forcing me not just to talk the talk but actually walk the walk too…

So, you know what. I’m going to give this a try. It’s difficult for someone who has always been so controlled to just let go, live each moment as it comes and be open to spontaneous events. Yet, since that magical weekend in the UK, this is exactly what I have been shown.

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