Ghosts in the Photo?

For quite a while now, I have been using a photo of me in black and white stood in London by a red telephone box in a number of places. The photo  was taken by my business colleague when we were both in London using my phone. In all the time that I have worked with this image, I had not seen something sinister – especially given my interest in ghosts. I do not recall anyone being sat on the kerb when we took the photo, but now this is all I see…. is that two Victorian ladies sitting there? Or is it just a couple dressed in some strange fashion gear? You decide and let me know what you think please….. it send shivers down my spine when I finally noticed these ladies in the photo…..


7 thoughts on “Ghosts in the Photo?

  1. Yup, I get chills on opening the page. I find the pattern made by the umbrella’s inside rather interesting, as though that eight-branched shape is shielding you. Your thoughts?

  2. Look closely at the black Nike book bag sat between them, they might just have a job that requires them to wear period clothing. Not paranormal!

  3. Yes – you keep gleefully leaving that comment. The problem is that if they are peripheral people then they are paranormal in one way or another and having a Nike bag or even a Tesco bag doesn’t mean that they are not for you seem to have failed to understand what peripheral people are. However, thanks for the comment.

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