‘Uncle’ Jack

I learned in the last few minutes of the passing away of Uncle Jack. He had, as we say, a good innings and in the end, I think he faded away as a result of old age. He wasn’t my Uncle at all but that is what I called him. He was my Dad’s best friend and they had known each other since childhood. I’m sure Dad will be pleased to have welcomed him to the other side…

Jack was a constant figure in my childhood. We vacationed with him and his family, went weekend camp meets with them and much more. My Dad had no family to speak of and so Jack, his best friend, truly played the role of Uncle to me and my brothers. He was a lovely man and he would joust with me for hours on end jovially about politics, religion and other topics. He professed to be a socialist and I never was. He was an atheist and I never was…. These were always well-informed conversations from which I learned. I enjoyed talking with him.

Jack probably had something of a hand in steering my life perhaps inadvertently. Even as a young boy, I was interested in Geology and on a holiday in Cornwall one year, we all went to visit an old Cornish tin mine. My Dad and Jack described what it might have been like to work there and Jack asked me how I would like to work there. My reply, I was quite young, was something along the lines of…”I wouldn’t have worked there. I’d have owned it!” Needless to say, this was the topic of many a conversation over the next couple of decades…. I don’t recall what Jack’s reply was but I know that it made me try harder to put myself in a better position in life.

Another wonderful memory is of south Wales. The day wasn’t wonderful and so either Dad or Jack bought some hard peas and peashooters. For the next hour or so, we had such a giggle on the sea front. It was war! It was super fun.

RIP Uncle Jack.

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