Was it – Something I Said?

Something I said

Something you said
Gave me pause for thought
Something I read
In mind
Something in red
Something we do – in bed
Something I thought
Never mind

It’s all gone pear-shaped
It’s all gone strange
It’s all gone upside down
I’m moving around
I’m here, I’m here
Now, I’m here

Not everyday
Can I say
What I want to say
Not every moment
Note every second
Not every minute
of every day

This one also started with the music. It started out set to be heavy metal but somehow morphed into a catchy rock song I guess. A combination of power chords and picked chords with a driving bass line punctuated by a tempo change and a sort of melodic lead guitar at certain points provided for an interesting backing track. As usual, the lyrics fell out as I listened to the track. The vocals were triple tracked with one track being harmony and the other being an octave lower than the main melody.

Give it a listen

Now, I actually went back and re-recorded the harmony and some guitar with the intention of improving it. And I think I did. However, come time to load it up and I inadvertently chose the prior version…. So the improved version will wait for another occasion……

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