Facists was the last song written for The Early Years. The song started with the introduction – picking out notes from a chord and adding in a harmony – and the main riff developed out of that. I had in other songs discovered that adding a sort of lead guitar riff in background added color to a song and I continued that theme with this song. I also played with a changed tempo during the song. The lyrics and topic came last and I chose to sing it in a lower – almost speaking voice with multiple overlays – some spoken to give it depth…


It’s up in the air

It’s hanging around

Nothing we can do

Nothing at all


The world’s gone crazy

The world’s gone mad

People seem to be angry

Others are just sad

30-word sound bytes

Are all they can share

At three in the morning

They spill their feelings

People don’t listen – not any more

People don’t trust us – people no longer care


The fascists are coming again today

I though we had defeated them

But they never went away.


The song is plainly about the election of Donald Trump and the rise of the alternative right – facists – the misspell is deliberate as it is a play on Trump’s politics and his massive ego – he loves himself and twitter. It’s about Brexit and the rejection of common sense. It’s about anger and distrust – of the news, experts and everything else…..

Listen to the song here….



or watch the video.




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