What I Like About Audio Book Publishing

Yesterday, I reached a new milestone with just over 700 audiobooks sold in the 12-months since I launched the first. There is an audience for audiobooks and it is a bit different to the ebook and paperback audience. Today, another book from my back catalog became available as an audiobook – My Haunted Life 3 – and several more are in production including the Extreme edition of the My Haunted Life series, The Last Observer and my latest Kindle book – The Black Eyed Kids. The monthly sales royalties for audiobooks also have helped move my earnings into reasonable territory. I can now safely say that my royalties exceed $6000pa from all sources and growing. Audiobooks have been a large part of that.

Audiobooks are fun to put together too. Amazon via Audible is the way I went. You can basically set up a book and find a voice for it very easily. The royalty rate isn’t as high as I would like especially when you chose to split royalties with the voice talent, but it is still interesting. If you haven’t looked at this option, my question would be why not?

An additional benefit is that once you have an audiobook, Amazon is clever enough to make the sample available on all the books pages (Kindle, paperback etc.). I think this helps sales of other formats as well. Take a look at an example here where you can see the audible narration button below the book cover for the Kindle version.

Yes, I like audiobooks….

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