Why a Flat Earth Bothers Me

The internet these days is full of flat Earthers it seems attempting to wake us up to the biggest lie ever perpetrated on humanity. Some of these people are conspiracy theory junkies, others are religious people who literally believe the Bible. However, many seem to be bright individuals who started thinking about the problem and came to the conclusion that the Earth is flat. Once you get to that point then everything is a big lie. NASA, Science, Scientists, Teachers, Astronauts…. everything is cock and bull story. The Moon landings must be a hoax is the next step. Anything that disproves a flat Earth is a part of the cover up, conspiracy, lies…..

I have given the flat Earth theory some thought as well. I fly a lot. I see the Earth’s curvature. I see ships disappear over the horizon. I have examined Moon rocks under the microscope as a Geology student, I know planes follow straight lines and can fly around the world. I do not believe for a minute that the Earth is anything but a globe spinning around the Sun.

However, I also believe more strongly everyday that we create our own reality. If we feel with conviction that something is so then it can be so. This is what bothers me. Flat Earthers have abandoned one reality thought paradigm for another. In actuality, I cannot say which reality perception is correct or true. For me, there is no longer any truth either. Truth is not and cannot be actual for it is a part of the reality that I have created. Yes, we live in a matrix and yes, we can take the blue or the red pill but this does not lead us to the utter and absolute truth for we are incapable of knowing absolute truth. We can only conceive of our own truth. Truth is elusive. Truth is like the Holy Grail that we seek and yet never find. It does exist but not for us. It cannot exist for us because we can only perceive. We cannot directly observe.

This is where I suddenly find myself nervous. What if the Earth is flat? What if it is all a tissue of lies? I could never know this for sure.

Those that believe the Earth is flat have created a new perceived reality for themselves. The common ‘facts’ we take as proof are just an aspect of our matrix of thought and they are no longer true for someone who has created a different thought matrix.

The older I get, the less I think I know. The less certain I become about anything. Do I see curvature because my mind places curvature there? To fit my thought reality system?

This is rather unsettling to tell you the truth (if there is a truth).

In the end, everything is a mental construct and I create out of data (that is likely all there is in actuality – energy data), what I have trained my mind to perceive. My brain sits between me and actuality and interprets what I interact with. I have programed myself and truth is simply a part of that program.

Perception is everything.

Isn’t it?

In magic, we learn about ourselves and we try to strip away the ego tainted view of the world. We assign forces to things and we name those things spirits, deities or whatever. We then find that those things become real to us for we have rewritten our matrix and our way of perceiving. We live in another world of archetypes and forces that we believe we can control. Imagination is the engine of all of this work. So what if we imagine the Earth as flat then?

Perhaps there are as many realities as there are people.

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