Time and The Dream

Last night I had one of those dreams that has you questioning everything. The alarm went off and I woke up. On waking, I recalled that I had just been dreaming and that the dream had been about setting the alarm.

Now at first sight, this perhaps isn’t so puzzling but, when you think a bit deeper about it it most certainly is. I woke up as the alarm started to sound yet in the prior moments, I was dreaming about setting that very alarm. Exactly how does that work?

Could it be that future events create our past and this is some type of evidence of it? Was the dream experienced as the alarm went off and only seemed to take place before it woke me up? Did I somehow anticipate the alarm going off and create a dream about it in anticipation? If so, how?

This is the kind of mystery that drives me nuts. How is it possible that my dream, experienced before an event takes place, is anticipating that very event taking place?

Answers on a postcard please to me here in Brno where I sit puzzled……

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