Wizards, Warlocks and Magicians

Harry Potter has nothing on these real wizards, warlocks and magicians who wielded immense magical powers and performed amazing spells.

Magicians who could-

– change the weather,
– those who healed the sick,
– raised the dead,
– made gold out of other metals,
– could be in two places at once,
– make fire with their will power,
– levitate,
– have seemingly endless lives and never age.

The book contains chapters on the following magicians –

Apollonius of Tyana –Wizard, Wanderer & Sage
Simon Magus – The Pretender Messiah
Michael Scot – The Great Scottish Wizard
Nicholas Flamel and the Book of Abraham the Jew
Paracelsus and the Beginnings of Science
Henry Cornelius Agrippa – The Occult Philosopher
John Dee & Edward Kelly – Elizabethan Magical Adventurers
Sir Francis Bacon / St. Germain – Royal Adept?
Sir Isaac Newton – Scientist and Secret Alchemist
Eliphas Levi – Founder of Modern Magic
Austin Osman Spare – Artist and Dark Magician
Frantisek Bardon – The Czech Master Magician
The Ordinary Magician – A Modern Tale of Magick

Buy this book now to read about the amazing lives of real magicians.

Fact is often stranger than fiction.

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