A 3 for Free Weekend

This Friday and Saturday – grab your copy of My Haunted Life 3 for FREE on Kindle….

The third installment of the Amazon best selling series – My Haunted Life.

True tales of demons, ghosts, evil, strange events and things that go bump in the night…

In My Haunted Life 3 –

What it is like to camp on a Civil War battlefield in Yorkshire,
Be chilled to the bone by the creepy antics of a ghostly lodger,
Wonder about people who come back after death to PROVE that they still exist,
Whether that monster in the cupboard is real?
What an orb actually is?
Deja Vue and parallel universes,
Worry about the ghost whose boots were made for walking,

and many, many more chilling, thought-provoking and true stories of the paranormal.


His flesh was crawling and his fear rising as he realized that the figure was turning its head in his direction.

“I took a photo of the monster, Dad. You will have to believe me now.” He said.

His blood ran cold as he saw a face leering at him in the dim light of the flashlight.

As the light went on, the whispering stopped. Now his heart was beating and he was, for the first time, afraid.

Their hearts beating and icy sweat running down their backs, they investigated the spare room together.

Give yourself a scare…..


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