Wizards Book – The Winning Cover!!!

Recently, I asked everyone to help me chose the cover for my forthcoming Kindle book about real magicians through the ages and their strange feats of magic, alchemy and sorcery. The book will be called “Wizards, Warlocks and Magicians: Incredible True Stories of Magic and Sorcery”. The book will be released sometime next week……

Anyway, thanks for the great response to helping me chose that cover. The choice was between this cover idea

wizards 3

and this cover idea…

wizards cover 4

It is interesting to me just how divergent opinions were and to some extent that justifies my own inability to decide. However, in counting all the responses on Facebook and this site, the result is in.

Here is the cover that 2/3rds of you voted for….

wizards cover 4

When it comes to Kindle books, I suspect covers are extremely important so I do hope you all helped me make a good choice!!!!!

One of you has also won a copy of the book. I will be in touch shortly!

Thanks again….

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