My Haunted Life Extreme Edition Paperback

Not an hour ago the doorbell rang as the post person delivered my personal copy of My Haunted Life – Extreme Edition. I have to say that it is a solid book with reasonable girth running to 199 pages. The cover looks good too. It is a compilation of the three Kindle books – My Haunted Life, My Haunted Life Too and My Haunted Life 3 along with two, previously unpublished stories included at the end. In short, for the asking price, I think its high-value.

While My Haunted Life Too, in particular, continues to sell like hot cakes and is almost a constant presence in the UK Amazon top 10,the paperback hasn’t sold very well at all. Yes, the paperback is a little more expensive than buying all three Kindle books but not much. I guess it surprises me that the Kindle books sell 6 to 12 copies a day but the paperback barely sells at all. I have to tell you, I still much prefer the weight of a paperback in my hands and the smell of a real book.

Anyway, just a reminder that the paperback version is for sale on all Amazon sites right now. It would make a really good gift!

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