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Sue Vincent kindly nominated me for the works in progress blog hop. The instructions are as follows,

Link back to the person who nominated you.

Write a little about and give the first few lines of your first three chapters from your WIP.

Nominate some other writers to do the same.

First, a word about Sue Vincent. Sue writes quite a bit about a variety of things and has even co-authored a book with me! She has written about dogs, foxes, esoteric sites in Albion, hexagrams and much, much more…. take a look.

My work in progress is actually going to be my next Kindle book called ‘Wizards, Warlocks And Magicians: Incredible True Stories of Magic and Sorcery‘. Currently its with my editor and soon will appear with appropriate fanfare on Amazon. I am also working on the book that Sue referenced, the prequel to The Last Observer with the working title The Lord of The Elements. I do hope to work on it and complete it before the summer but I have a couple of others in the pipeline as well involving ghosts and other such supernatural occurrences…..

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These days the most famous wizard of them all is likely to be Harry Potter. Harry is, of course, fictional and for many people, wizards and warlocks are also just things of fiction. But what if I told you that I study magic? What if I told you that there is a world of schools of magick and real magicians out there? Well, I do and there is. What if I told you that real magicians can actually be far more fantastical than the fictitious Harry Potter?

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Apollonius was born a little before Jesus of Nazareth and came from Tyana in Turkey. He was reputedly very gifted, very physically beauty and also extremely wealthy. He spent his early developmental years surrounded by both luxury and fortune, and at the age of 14, he was sent to Tarsus to complete his schooling. Studying the philosophy of Pythagoras and other Greek magician – philosophers, Apollonius took on an ascetic, almost hippy-like, lifestyle in stark contrast both to the environment of the time and his own inheritance. He is said to have remained a lifelong virgin, practiced vegetarianism, grew his hair long, wore simple linen clothes and went about barefoot.

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You may already know of Simon Magus if you have read the Bible. He was the first Gnostic and the founder of the Simonian sect of gnostic Christians. Unfortunately, his enemies in the early Christian church wrote much of what we think we know about him today and, just as with Apollonius, they truly demonized him. But was he really a magician?

I’m not sure who to nominate to be honest as Sue named all the other writers with blogs I know already….

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