A Sales Miracle as ‘Ghost Tales from Hell’ Creates Pandemonium

Overnight to my utter amazement, my new book “Ghost Tales from Hell” sold just over 2,500 copies and seems destined to seal my career as a writer of cheap Kindle thrill books. As I write, the book has reached No 1 in every amazon category available to it. Ghost Tails from Hell tells the sordid stories of several famous old magicians and their attempts to raise the dead and communicate with evil spirits and is said to be so frightening and scary that Amazon are considering restricting its availability to the over 18’s only and adding a mental health warning to it’s appallingly scary cover. I am already consulting with my lawyer to see if I am liable for the mental anguish the book has created in certain quarters. Meanwhile, I am going to sit back and enjoy the sales revenues, media coverage and the good life generally.

Here are two reviews from my new best seller;

I will never be the same again after reading the new kindle book from G. Michael Vasey. I literally could not put the book down as I was gripped with fear. It had to be prised from my hand by the emergency medical staff who responded to my 999 call. This book should be banned. It is totally and diabolically good

Ghost Tales from hell is the ultimate horror book. I haven’t been able to sleep for three days and even now I am still sitting in my rudimentary circle of protection that I drew with bath soap on the floor of my bedroom. I literally sh*t myself this book is so scary.”

Grab your copy now while ebook supplies last – here.

The cover….


Happy April 1st!

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