My Haunted Life: The Extreme Edition Released

Strange Tales to Haunt Your Dreams

Brno, March 19th, 2015, Following on the success of the My Haunted Life series of Kindle books, Brno-based author, G. Michael Vasey has released a paperback version. My Haunted Life – The Extreme Edition is now available published by Ronin Robot Press.
my haunted life extreme (1)My Haunted Life – The Extreme Edition includes the complete collection of stories from the hit Kindle books My Haunted Life, My Haunted Life Too and My Haunted Life 3 along with two, previously unpublished bonus stories. Things that go bump in the night! Noises you can’t explain? This paperback collection of creepy true tales of the paranormal will have you tingling with fear. A unique set of true tales of the supernatural, paranormal and simply bizarre.

About G. Michael Vasey

Michael Vasey is a Yorkshire man and rabid Tigers fan that has spent most of his adult life lost deep in Texas and more lately, in the Czech Republic. While lucky enough to write for a living as a leading analyst in the commodity trading and risk management industry, he surreptitiously writes strange poems and equally strange books and stories on the topics of metaphysics, the occult and the paranormal on the side, hoping that one-day, someone might actually buy them.

After growing up experiencing ghosts, poltergeist and other strange and scary experiences, he developed an interest in magic and the esoteric. These days he fancies himself as a bit of a mystic and a magician to boot. Most of his inspiration for his scribbling comes from either meditation or occasionally, very loud heavy metal music.

He has appeared on radio shows such as Everyday Connection and X Radio with Rob McConnell to tell strange and scary stories. He has also been featured in Chat – Its Fate magazine and interviewed by Ghost Village and Novel Ideas amongst others.

He blogs addictively at and he tweets micro thoughts at @gmvasey. He also reviews a lot of very weird books at





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