The Human Condition

When I think of all the pain
That man has ever borne
Billions of tearful dreary lives
The sadness carried by humanity
Through the mists of time
Man has toiled to live
A cruel world to conquer
Filled with cruel men
Destined to wander
In search of something more
The suffering of the afflicted
The torment of the damned
The agony of endless wars
Life’s pain is our biggest chore
And cumulatively, the tears
Shed my mankind would fill an ocean
A deep and salty sea of humanity
A primordial soup of bitterness
An endless sea of agony
The hatred, the anger, pure bile
Bitterness and jealousy
The human condition
An endless competition
Of cruel insanity
And this pain that we all share
That we present to each other
The torment we give out
And violence we spout
It’s our own imbalance
A hatred of ourselves
If we could just learn
There is only you
Just an inner turmoil
That needs to find its peace
Seven centers seeking harmony
Imagine – no pain or suffering
Plumbing your inner depths
And knowing all is as it should be
You are how you are meant to be
You are Divinity
You are pure light
We are one and all the pain is needless
In the end we hurt ourselves
It’s a psychosis
The human condition


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