A Year Has Gone

A year seems like along time but looking back to this time last year, it seems to have passed in a flash. This time last year, I was living in Prague and I was worried about my weight gain having quit smoking months earlier. I remember buying the indoor bike and with good intentions, starting a weight loss and exercise program. Today, I weighed myself and blast it, I weigh exactly the same as I did a year ago! The bike has been well used and still is and if anything, my diet is better than ever yet I have not shed a pound. I suppose looking on the bright side, I haven’t gained any weight either!

Of course, we are now back in Brno too. I packed all of those trousers and shirts that didn’t fit me but would soon and they now have been unworn for a year. I even bought a shirt saying that I would slim into it! Well, I won’t give up. If anything, my waistline seems more rotund even though I am the same weight.

Feeling rather cheated that despite increasing exercise, decreasing food intake and so on, I went to the doctors recently. Blood tests came back all normal so there is no glandular excuse for my larger girth unfortunately. She recommended liposuction! I challenged her on that and she backed off and said to keep trying. Liposuction? I’m guessing she has a paid relationship with a plastic surgeon somewhere in town.

Despite this weight issue, I am alive and I think well. I have not gone back to smoking. The company we founded is thriving. Hell, even my books are selling (slowly). This time last year, perhaps 2-6 books sold a month and recently its been in excess of a book a day….if I can keep this up, I will be a best selling author in what – 50 years?

It is thanksgiving. I have a lot to give thanks for and I do. It’s been a good year overall and if my only complaint is that I don’t like my waistline then I am probably doing fine.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and family and indeed to you all.


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