It’s A Mystery

There is so much that we do not know and probably can never know. I have to be honest and say that that pisses me off! Among the first thoughts that I can recall thinking were things like who am I? What am I? and things have not changed. I still ask such questions on a daily basis and I am still frustrated in the knowledge that I may never know the answers. I know that I am something – I think, I feel – I am. But what am I? Will I die and simply cease to exist? What is at the end of space? What is it all for? Is there a reason for all this – the out there – what is it anyway? It’s pointless I suppose to continue thinking and asking such questions but if you knew me you would know I cannot simply ignore these questions.

Perhaps there is no out there at all? Maybe it is all inside me and my mind and I am simply alone imagining all of this? If so, why?

These are the things that I write about, obsess about and explore through magic, meditation and my imagination.

The Stream of Life

Bobbing along the stream
Sometimes fighting
Other times alighting
For a longer look
Checking out scenery
But no real choices
Except to go with the flow
I go where I need to go
Can only slow
The inevitable
As I start at the beginning
I must end at the end
That’s the way it really is
Life is like a stream
Winding its lonely way
Always just passing through
Never sitting still
Ripples speak to movement
Movement is my destiny
One day, I will reach the Sea
And that, my friends
Will be the end of me.

From the Moon Whispers collection of poetry

This need to know and that I am always asking questions is a part of who I am. When I was born, I sneezed myself to life and breathed by myself as if in a hurry to get started. I have been hurrying ever since wondering why everything is. What makes this all a tad worse is that I have a distant memory of knowing. It is as if one day I will wake up and remember what I had just forgot. As if, one day I will realize that I knew all the answers all along but had momentarily forgotten.

The Story

I am going to tell you a story
Although it has a beginning
It’s ending is yet unwritten
And maybe has no ending

Once upon a long, long time ago
A boy was to a woman born
He sneezed and started his life
He was the family’s very first born

He grew and grew and grew
Tall and thin but quite bright
And off to college he went
Seeking out truth and inner light

He looked and searched all about
Examining all manner of places
Never finding what he sought
But he covered all the bases

One day in despair he sat
Quietly contemplating naught
Tired of seeking, he took a rest
And lost his train of thought

The inner vision grew and grew
Discovering very strange places
Filled with even stranger men
And their weird eyeless faces

He journeyed on and on afar
Deeper and deeper he did travel
Until he met a beautiful queen
It was then all began to unravel

The Queen you see embraced
Our weary and worn out hero
And he drank her kisses deep
While floating as if in limbo

I have the answers that you seek
Said the loving yet listless Queen
I am your eternal polar shadow
Living life somewhere in between

I am the answer that you seek
She said between those kisses
I can make us both complete
But our hero became suspicious

Tell me then, he said to her
What is the meaning?
And why am I here at all?
Because surely I am simply dreaming

The Queen hearing this did smile
And began to sing a familiar rhyme
About rowing a boat down a stream
And when he heard that final line

That life is but a dream
He knew
Do you too?

The Story from Best Laid Plans poetry collection.

For some reason and for right now it is all a mystery but perhaps one day I will wake up and all will have been revealed?


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