It’s All Fantasy

It’s proven, so it has to be true
And now there’s not a thing that we can do
Yet another litany of lies
Pulled off in front of our very eyes
It’s a free show though
So we mustn’t complain
Hollywood in real-life
Actors showing grief and pain
The news isn’t so good
And we are all so afraid
Pulled in so many directions
Playing out this dark charade
Lies become truth become lies
Who the hell can really tell?
Stories and often, just rumors
Everything merges simply so well
But amongst all these sleepers
One or two still think and question
Suspect that they smell a rat
Don’t swallow that suggestion
Remaining single-minded
Looking inwards and deeply
Ignoring all this bloody nonsense
Staying true; the free me
It’s pretty hard to do
When the information
Becomes disinformation
Packaged lies for easy consumption
Easy meat and quite a treat
For the controlling factor
The Matrix men hidden deep
While humanity is still asleep


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