Long distance feelings felt out
Flesh crawls with searing self-doubt
Dust pillows where shadows sat
Does she, can she smell a rat?
And what would it smell like anyway?
Not like the dirty smelly tearaway
From the bottom of our dead end cul de sac?
Perhaps defense is better than art attack?
Dying here all alone
Throw me a bone
Tell me that it was all worth something
Take this golden life ring
Place it on that finger
Be the solid standing pillar
I needed you to be
While it’s certain I wanna be free
Only with you by my side
Can I face this dirty lonely ride
From warm and womb-like security
Gradually losing my purity
As I grow older and older
My sins growing ever bolder
Be the one who saves me from myself
Be the one who maintains my soulful health
Until the day I die
And say that final bye bye

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