The Lord of the Elements

The Lord of the Elements is the prequel to The Last Observer and it focuses, for reasons those who have read The Last Observer will understand, on Edward Bright. Edward is the friendly, well-meaning and debonair magician and businessman who attempts to rescue bookworm Stanley from Zeltan and his black Lodge but in The Last Observer we do not learn much about the man, where he came from and why he is, well – who he is.

The Lord of the Elements follows Edward through college as his interest in magic grows. After college, he is taken under the wing of a rich banker who becomes Edward’s adopted father in many respects. As well as being a successful private banker, Cyril Bainbridge is also the Grand Master of a Magic Lodge based in London – the one that Edward will one day lead. The Lodge and Edward in particular are searching for a book – a grimoire. Rumored to have been written in the middle ages by a defrocked monk by the name of Gallivar, the grimoire is said to exist as an original and six copies and to expound what Gallivar knew about elemental magic.


In parallel we meet a man called William Dean who after attending a wild socialite party and coming into contact with Ralph Meister, is experiencing some very strange symptoms and hearing a voice in his head. He is searching in the Arizona desert fro a wise recluse who he has been told can help him.

As you might imagine, the story will shortly explode in violence and horror as the true nature of both Ralph Meister and Gallivar become known and the Lord of the Elements works his black magic….


Coming 2015 – The Lord of the Elements.

If you couldn’t put The Last Observer down then you daren’t stop reading The Lord of the Elements ………..

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